About Us

Together, your projects will reach new heights ! Evolve and innovate in action!

Mission and approach

Ennov-Action develops and proposes innovative strategies to transmit high quality expertise. Our experts respond to your needs in the form of coaching, consulting, development projects, management strategy and support.

All work methods favouring exchange and mutual aid, two winning and generous values.


Each project is unique and requires an angle adapted to its context, identity and purpose. With your objectives, market trends and legislation in mind, we will find ways to maximize your return on investment.

We provide tailored and personalized services to meet your unique needs. Our collaborative approach ensures that we consider your specific context and goals, delivering exceptional results that maximize your return on investment. Trust us to provide customized solutions for your success.

Evolving and innovating through action is our motto. In this sense, our approach is collaborative, trendy and strategic. Our goal is to meet your needs while respecting confidentiality and the spirit of partnership.

Our priority is you!

Together, your projects will reach new heights! Evolve and innovate in action!

Our values

Respect and integrity

Respect is the basis and ethics is at the heart of our reflections.

Fairness & inclusiveness

The human being is at the heart of our approach and is our main motivation.

Exchange & collaboration

Collectively, we go further. This spirit of collegiality reinforces our success.


It is in the action that we move forward, but it is the rigor that defines the quality of the work.

Openness & innovation

You must question yourself and stand out to reach higher peaks.

Expertise and excellence

Continuous improvement of skills, field experience and a relevant network of experts contribute to the achievement of excellence.

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