July 23, 2023


According to Statistics Canada, more than one million Canadians lost their jobs due to COVID-19 related restrictions. Most start-up businesses have ended up impaired after the release of regulations for in-person transactions. As a result, small businesses need to embrace technology to thrive in this digital age. The following approaches are suitable for reinventing your enterprise during this pandemic period.

E-Commerce Websites or Blogs

E-commerce refers to any buying and selling transactions that take place online. Creating a website or blog provides a cost-effective means of expanding your business. With an online sales platform, you could continue providing goods and services to your customers while observing COVID regulations.
Simultaneously, online shipping and home delivery features suitable for online businesses will help you distribute your products to your customers.
Statistics from the 2016 Census prove that an average Canadian takes about 60 minutes to commute to work daily. However, with an online platform, you can save time since you can work from the comfort of your home. It will also afford you a flexible schedule, which makes it convenient if you have other responsibilities.

SEO Optimization

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. When you set up your website or blog, the next step should be to optimize it for online traffic to generate sales. Doing so will ensure that customers looking for your services can easily find your website.
With an optimized website, your business will rank highly across various search engines, which will help you develop awareness for your brand. Also, it will give you an edge over other competitors in your niche. It is an effective and convenient method of boosting your sales online.

Social Media

Social media platforms are another means of adapting to the times. As COVID-19 continues to limit face-to-face interactions, social media provides a tool to connect without any risk. Recent studies show that social media engagement has increased up to 61% since restrictions were placed.
By establishing a vibrant social media profile, you can safely and virtually interact with your potential customers. At the same time, the most suitable place to launch an advertising campaign is on these platforms.
One of the most reliable ways to get the word out about your business is on social media. Satisfied customers can share and recommend your company on various platforms and get you a broader market.

Online Recruitment

Functions such as recruitment are now taking place digitally for various businesses. It has become the best means of scouting for talent, primarily through social media platforms.
There is no geographical limit to online recruitment. So, you can hire the best fit for your business in the comfort of your living space.
Professional networking sites such as LinkedIn allow recruiters to assess potential employees according to their profiles. Technology makes the process of enlisting proficient personnel more smooth.

Online Meetings

With the coronavirus pandemic in progress, most companies are finding safe ways of conducting meetings. The features of online meeting platforms are useful in making meetings as ideal as possible without the risk of doing so in person. This dramatically cuts travel costs for the involved parties.
Online meetings also provide an opportunity to increase sales. For instance, rather than spending time to tell each customer about what you offer, you could organize an online event and engage a large group at once. Such meetings will probably generate more sales for your business.


E-commerce is significantly dependent on online invoicing services. Since the transaction is not taking place in person, you will need a digital wallet to send or receive money. There are online banks that are available for storing your online resources

Safety and Security

We live in a technologically advanced time when people place their investments and financial information online. To ensure your details’ safety from prying eyes, you could use technological features to protect your financial data and any other proprietary information. You can also protect sensitive business data and ideas that give you a competitive edge over other competitors.After an online business transaction, the best way to get feedback on yo

Customer Care

Your product is on an online customer service desk. Setting up a digital system to handle customer reviews and issues will help you understand how to better meet your customer’s needs.

Conclusion While many small businesses are getting ship-wrecked during this period, you can adapt and keep your business afloat online. With technology, a lot of business functions can take place speedily and with ease. If you are looking to start or rejuvenate your business successfully, investing in online initiatives will undoubtedly get you there.

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