July 18, 2023

Succeed in your job


A first job is an exciting adventure. You went on all those interviews and put in all your effort to land the job and you did it. You might be nervous about starting your job or what to do not to mess up the opportunity that you have gotten. You want to pass your job’s probation period smoothly without trouble and show how valuable you are to the company. Ennov-Action is a human resource consulting firm and we will help you with all the tips on how to succeed in your first job as well as how to tackle this new challenge.

The following are some tips to help you through your first job and give you a boosted confidence. They include:

What should you do before your first day of work?

Your first day of work, especially if it is your first job is very important. You want to make a good impression and you may be a little nervous but we will provide you with some tips that will help you prepare for the first day. They include:

1. Research the company and employees.
You did your research during the interview process but taking a deeper dive into the company is a great idea. It is important to be every bit prepared. Look into the company’s health and history as well as the employees’ bio. Most importantly, research about your boss and team members so that you have an idea about who they are.
2. Prepare your bag pack.
Prepare your bag pack and make sure that you have all the necessary supplies that include notebooks, multiple pens, a laptop, and any other supplies that you might need for the job.
3. Pack a bag lunch with a simple meal like a sandwich or veggies and fruits if you are not sure that the company has all the typical kitchen amenities.
4. Do not be too nervous and relax.
5. Set up multiple alarms to ensure that you are not late for your first day of work. This will show that you are hardworking and dedicated.
6. Pick up an official, clean, and tidy outfit to wear before you go to bed.
7. Have an elevator pitch ready for when your colleagues ask questions to keep their first impression of you positive.

What do you need so as to succeed in your new job?

1. Introduce yourself with confidence and relentlessly.
On the first day of your job, you might be nervous about how to introduce yourself to your colleagues and this is totally normal. However, you should find the right timing and give a quick confident introduction to the colleagues that you do not know yet.
2. First, the right time in your first week to ask well-timed questions.
Think about what you want to know, prioritize the important information that you need. You can also write down the questions that you want to ask so as not to forget.
3. Make at least one friend. This will make you feel more comfortable and less out of place as you are getting used to the new working environment.
4. Navigate your workplace as well as enjoy your new workplace.
5. Get to know your team members better in person as well as letting them know you.

How can you succeed in your new job?

1. Be friendly towards your colleagues as well as management.
People naturally like working with people that they like. Be friendly with the people at work by starting personal informal questions with them so as to connect with them on a personal level.
2. Ask for a job review approximately three weeks after starting the job.
3. Be confident and ambitious but also tread lightly and do not push anyone’s buttons negatively.
4. Show your boss that you are dedicated to your work as well as the company in general.
5. Network within the company so as to understand its structure better. Connect with other people from other departments. This will help you to understand where you best fit in the company.
6. Work hard and smart so as to enhance your credibility. When asked to handle a task, go above and behold to finish the task on time so that people can learn to rely on you for their future projects.
7. Find a mentor whom you can go to when you need career advice.
8. Build a connection with your team. This will help with your professional growth. Get to know them better so as to comfortable with them.
9. Communicate with other people and express when you are confused as well as share your ideas. This will help you in learning how things work in the company.
10. Listen to other people in the workplace. This will help you improve your performance when you get feedback from your boss as well as improve your work performance and minimize any misunderstandings.
11. Try to be resourceful by figuring things out yourself sometimes.
12. Be confident and believe in yourself. Remember that you were hired for a reason and don’t let yourself doubt that you can succeed in your new job.

We have provided you with tips to help you succeed in your new job. However, we will also provide you with things not to do when starting a new job. This will provide you with an idea of things that you should not do under any circumstances on your first job. They include: 1. Do not show up to your first day of work late. This will leave a negative impression.
2. Don’t dress unprofessionally and leave a negative professional impression. Talk with the human resource department about acceptable attire.
3. Do not refuse to go through orientation.
4. Do not ask your co-workers to do your work for you.
5. Do not take too many personal calls during your work hours.
6. Do not ask for a raise in salary.
7. Do not try to change how things work in the workplace.
8. Do not be dishonest or afraid to as for help when you need it.
By following the tips that we have provided above, we guarantee that you will succeed in your new job.

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