July 21, 2023

Invest in Your Own Success

Growth and development

There’s no doubt that the last few years have really invoked this mentality of the importance of the self. From self-care to self-reliance to self-promotion, the truth behind this mentality is that every individual must be their own champion. The same is to be said of your ability to find success and to reach your full potential. It’s a universal truth that you must invest in your own success, because you can’t expect someone else to do it for you.

Success can be elusive, but with the right measures and the right attitude, we can set ourselves up for the best chance to accomplish our goals. But this notion is not to be mistaken with some idea that attitude is everything and some daily mantra will get you where you want to be. While believing in yourself is important, it’s not nearly enough to get you where you want to be. The truth is, there are actionable, concrete steps to take to really invest in your own future.

Always continue with your own education

The premise behind professional development is that regardless of what industry you work in, the technology, the process, or the people are perpetually changing. Change is good, as long as you change with it. Changing with the industry means that you invest in an education that promotes growth and improves your relevancy within that industry.

The beauty of education is that it can look like a number of different things. It might be taking classes at a local college or an online course to help boost your knowledge of marketing or business finance. It might also be a certification course on SEO work or the latest Photoshop program. Education can also be found by attending conferences or informational sessions, which allow you versatility to pick and choose what you need. Utilize the expertise of others to help you get where you want to be.

Education doesn’t only have to be something you can put on a resume (although that often looks impressive). If you’re independent enough of a learner, finding the right books or people can also serve to educate you, as long as you figure out how to make that knowledge usable towards your own success.

Make connections and maximize your resources

There is a reason why professional platforms like LinkedIn emphasize their connections tools, trying to link you with like minded individuals. Sometimes success comes from who you know, not what you know. Digital networking and in-person networking are both critical to finding your own success. It’s impossible to know what might come from maintaining a professional relationship. You might be looking for a job, an opportunity, a resource, or a reference, and discover you already know someone to help you get there.

Networking means you’re maintaining a sense of professional and personal connections between those you meet. It’s about building relationships so that you have a wealth of resources. Through networking you can find mentors or reliable associates who can provide support or recommendations.

Throughout your career, you can view it as a sort of collection of resources, of which experienced professionals can be one of the most powerful. Networking can be beneficial in helping you get fresh perspectives or experienced insight; it can help present future job opportunities or opportunities for growth.

It’s important to always remember we don’t want to shut a door we don’t know we need to open later. Viewing networking in a similar manner is important so that you maintain connections you might need down the road, even if you don’t think you will.

Goal Setting and Steps

Investing in your own success is not just about knowing where you want to end up, but also knowing how to get there. Success does not come by having some big, lofty goal with no real process or method as to how to accomplish it. Personal and professional growth is about finding what you want, and understanding what steps are necessary to get there.

Having an actionable plan means breaking down what objectives are needed to have a certain result. If you know of a promotion or position you want to be in one day, what are the required steps to get there? What can you use to measure your progress? It can be hard to identify what is measurable and what isn’t.

Some businesses utilize the Google approach of OKRs, but these can also be broken down to a personal level. If you can’t yet recognize what needs to be accomplished prior to your end goal, then you lack a plan. Research what needs to be done so that you can hit those goals. A plan also shows you’re serious about where you want to end up. Setting deadlines and dates for these steps also helps with preventing some sort of procrastination. Set your goals, know how to get there, and make sure you meet your deadlines.

Investing in yourself and your own success is no easy feat, but by no means is it impossible. With a plan and a general sense of awareness, you can become your own best opportunity for finding success. Figure out your goals and how to reach them, keep yourself educated and informed, and focus on relationships to help give you the advantage. Investing your own time in yourself and your capabilities is an investment in your own future and your own success.

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