July 14, 2023

Top habits to be effective working from home

Among the many challenges we are called to face during these weird times, some of us need to deal with a very peculiar one: working from home. Working from home puts us before several issues: we need to stay focused in a new environment, one we associate with rest and comfort, we need to adapt our work to space and tools at our disposal, and we need to keep on being productive. But working from home can also open to new opportunities: your working hours can be more flexible, your stress can be reduced, and commuting times can be cut off so that you can have more time for yourself and your family. So, how can we achieve the perfect balance between adapting to the new environment, overcome its limits, and exploit its new potential? Let’s discuss the top 5 habits to be effective working from home.

1. Set up your home office

The kitchen table isn’t the ideal home office if you want to be productive. The rest of your family will end up distracting you, even if they try hard not to, but this isn’t ideal even if you live alone. You need to have a space in your home that you call “your office”. It doesn’t need to be a whole room; a corner in your living room would be enough as long as it’s away from distractions such as TV, the fridge, your kids’ playing room.
When you have a home office in your house, it’s easier to get into the right mindset to be focused, put the household chores aside, and be productive.

2. Learn new medium of communication

If you work from home you need to learn new mediums of communication. Emails and phone calls can’t replace face-to-face meetings and interactions. Video calls and video conferences are your best alley: there are tons of software tools that allow you to get in touch virtually with clients and colleagues. Learn about them and start utilizing them!

3. Establish working hours

Having more freedom with your working hours doesn’t mean that you can start working only when you feel like working. If you apply this principle, you end up getting anything done at the end of the day.
On the other end, you can’t sit down and work for the whole day without breaks or rest. You need to establish healthy working hours even when you work from home. We’re all more productive in the morning so concentrate your working hours in the first half of the day; set up breaks, daily goals, and anything that helps you consider your job done for the day so that you can rest and avoid burning down.

4. Optimize your time

You are now working from home and have more freedom when it comes to working hours. Take advantage of it! When you need to stay in your office until 5 in the afternoon, you can only go to the grocery store at 6 and you always end up wasting 1 hour of your time because of the traffic and the queue at the cash register. Now you can work while everybody else is outside on their errands, and go on your errands when the streets and stores are empty.

5. Establish “Do not disturb” rules

Whether you have a numerous and loud family or your friends are trying to catch your attention through dozens of notifications on your phone, you need to cut them off. Establish “do not disturb” rules in your house or within yourself. If your source of distraction is your phone, leave it in another room. If your kids want to play, make them understand that you can’t play during your working time. As you may have noticed, the top 5 habits to be effective working from home are extremely simple: if you stick to them during your working-from-home routine, you’ll be capable of adapting quickly to the new working environment and enjoying all the benefits that come with it!

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