July 12, 2023

Trust the Timing of Your Life

When most graduates leave college, they have a mental picture of their desired bright future, possible job opportunities, and career goals. However, reality seems different with rejected job applications, low remuneration, and placement in companies that appear below the expectations. All these can be too much to handle, and you may feel demotivated. But you should trust the process. It is a blessing in disguise, and you can remain motivated during this seemingly challenging season.

1. Have the right Attitude

It’s important to remember that life is not linear, and your life is different from your friends. And during the time of unachieved goals, you can improve your potential and future employability with the right attitude. For instance, you’ll learn perseverance and living with less, which are essential life virtues.

Also, that time of waiting provides an opportunity for growth. You will discover different ways of seeking employment, the power of networking and social media, and how to package yourself and your skills as a potential employee.

Do not give up or take it personally when you are rejected. See it as an opportunity to improve yourself. With the right attitude, you will learn to overcome obstacles that will also come later in life.

2. Make Learning a Priority

You’ll realize that quality college education is not all that it takes to land your dream career. It is possible to learn other skills that increase your value. For example, learn and write that book you’ve always desired to, take that swimming class, enroll in that online coding class, and many other things.
Before getting into a tight routine of 9 to 5, make the best of the season. It would help to learn a new skill every 3 to six months. Besides increasing the chances of getting employed, learning keeps you focused to avoid unnecessary distractions.

3. Relook at Your Goals

Life in school and life outside differs significantly. As such, the goals you had may not be a true reflection of who you are or what you want to achieve. Reconsidering your long term and short goals is an excellent step towards success.

While timing is a crucial aspect of setting targets, it is not everything. For example, considering how best you can utilize yourself with the resources at your disposal is better than waiting till you get a placement in formal employment. You might realize you want to take a different career path altogether and set new goals.

4. Interrogate things

Feeling sorry for yourself that you cannot land that job won’t help your growth process. You should seek to know why you were rejected, why the business did not pick up, or why success is not forthcoming.

During this interrogation process, be ruthless with yourself. You’ll realize maybe you aren’t utilizing your full potential, some of the relevant skills are missing, or even you lack sufficient experience in the field.

After understanding the why, set out on a journey to do something to better yourself. You may consider networking, doing voluntary work, learning how to present your resume, or apply for jobs that suit you.

Conclusion Life can frustrate you when you give it your best but what you get are failed goals, unrealized opportunities, or rejections. But trust the process. During this season of your life, take it as a time to discover yourself, learn new things, embrace the right attitude, relook at your goals and try to understand why things are happening that way. You’ll love the growth and potential of this process. Just don’t give up.

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